Tru Count: The perfect solution to help manage your venue to remain within Covid-19 guidelines


Know exactly how many people are on your site at any one time. Accurately exclude staff members and so much more. Tru Count is the ideal solution to manage your venue capacity accurately and immediately.

Covid-19 Capacity Management

In these unprecedented times accurately managing capacity in your building is not only essential for staying within Government guidelines, but also in managing the health and safety of your Staff & Customers.

Do you know how many people are in your building now?

Live accurate data would help keep you,  your staff and your customers safe!

Tru Count offers you that solution

At 99.5% accuracy our system will help you maintain safe limits ensuring your staff and customers can move around your premises while being able to maintain social distancing

Through our proprietary app staff can set building limits, custom alters and monitor real time count data.

Realtime count data is displayed on strategically positioned monitors so visitors and customers can self-regulate whether they should or should not enter the building

Tru Count is not limited to installations with just one door, we can group many doors , we can even group and segment buildings to give true data analysis floor by floor, department by department.

We don’t compromise data regulation for the sake of safety, Tru Count is 100% GDPR compliant




gdpr compliant

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